Preparation & support for IVF

Studies have shown improved pregnancy rates in woman receiving acupuncture whilst undergoing IVF.

More specifically over the last few years, clinical trials suggest that acupuncture applied at the time of egg retrieval and embryo transfer, result In significantly higher viable pregnancy rates.

Acupuncture can help alongside an ART procedure in the following ways;

  • regulate and improve hormone levels
  • improve ovarian response to stimulating medication
  • increase blood flow to uterus, increasing endometrium thickness
  • can increase the number of follicles produced and enhance egg quality
  • help the body generally be more receptive
  • relieve the side effect of medication taken during the procedure
  • reduce stress and anxiety that can go alongside the procedure
  • improve sperm vitality
  • increase implantation rates


Treatment Protocol:

  • treat weekly - if possible until the procedure.
  • treat the day after retrieval - to relax the uterus and help the body recover.
  • treat on the day of embryo transfer
    • treat prior to transfer - to increase blood flow to the uterus and to help the body be more receptive to the embryo implanting.
    • treat after the transfer - to stabilise hormone levels, and relax the uterus so it doesn't reject the . embryo.
  • treat a week after the transfer - to maintain healthy pelvic blood flow and relieve anxiety related to waiting