What is NLP ?

Neuro - how the mind works.

Linguistic - how language influences thoughts and feelings.

Programming - understanding patterns of behaviour.

NLP helps look at how one constructs oneís inner world. It offers a creative and effective set of tools to help transform unwanted feelings, beliefs, thoughts and outlooks, to bring about the changes you are looking for. Its roots are modelled on Gestalt, systems therapy and hypnotherapy.

Why combine acupuncture and NLP ?

I have always felt the rapport between patient and practitioner was of great importance. In combining acupuncture and NLP I discovered a powerful tool to support clients and to help engage them in the process of their own healing.

While it often informs the way I work, I donít use it with everyone. It is however, an option that can be particularly helpful when working with conditions that have an emotional component. On a personal level, I have found that NLP has helped me think more creatively about how I treat people.